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Our sustainability initiatives

We strive to make top-quality products, but we are also mindful of our planet. Find out what we are doing to reduce our impact on the environment step by step.

Our mission

About GreenPan

GreenPan is a Belgian brand founded by two childhood friends: Jan Helskens and Wim De Veirman. When they found out how harmful pans with a traditional non-stick coating can be, they saw an opportunity and seized on it. Their mission? To remove PFAS from kitchens across the globe!

In 2007, GreenPan launched its first pans with a PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating. In the years that followed, GreenPan continued to improve and innovate its products. In addition, the product range was expanded. GreenPan now also offers high-quality bakeware and electric kitchen appliances with PFAS-free non-stick coatings. This is how we help you make your kitchen completely PFAS-free.

The original ceramic non-stick coating

The GreenPan difference

A focus on the environment is embedded in our story - and has been since day one. In 2007, we developed our Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick coating, a PFAS-free alternative to traditional non-stick coatings.

Shouting loudly about not using some toxic substances? That is not something we do. Our position is: if it is not completely PFAS-free, it’s not healthy.

PFAS-free since day one

Our products all have a PFAS-free non-stick coating. That’s something you can count on.

We continue to innovate

Our factory, our rules

At GreenPan, we have our own factories. We know the DNA of our products. We make our own non- stick coatings and pans, and we ensure that each item meets our standards.

We also strive to continuously improve the sustainability of our factories. For example, our factory in China is partly solar powered, a clean and renewable energy source that helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our factory has also been purchasing renewable energy from a local certified source since 2023, which is estimated to provide 40% of the total energy consumption: our way of contributing to a better future.

Again and again

Recycled materials

We work hard to increase the percentage of recycled aluminium in our pots and pans. Right now, all our aluminium pans contains at least 25% recycled aluminium. Pans made since 1 January 2022 contain at least 65% recycled aluminium and our Evolution collection is made from an amazing 100% recycled aluminium.

We use recycled cardboard for our packaging and our future goal is to incorporate even more recycled materials in our processes.

Cleaner water

Better wastewater management

First of all, we do not use any PFAS in our production process, but it does not stop there: we built our own water treatment plant. Wastewater from our factory in China is managed and continuously checked by our specialised technical team. The treated water is reused on site and what remains is transported to another location in accordance with wastewater disposal regulations. By purifying and reusing the water we use in our production process, we create a sustainable cycle.

One step at a time towards a better future!

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