Contact grill

Handy, fast and compact! This contact grill is a must-have in every kitchen. Ideal for crispy croques, delicious panini's, grilled vegetables or meat ... Feel like gourmet or teppanyaki? Flip the contact grill all the way open and you're good to go!

Unlimited Grilling

‘A quick panini for lunch, grilled vegetables, home-made burgers... I couldn't live without my contact grill. An evening with friends? Then I use it as a gourmet or teppanyaki. You open it completely and it is ready! You can even set the temperature separately for both sides. The plates have a healthy non-stick coating without PFAS, so you can let the grill get nice and hot without any harmful substances being released. I am very happy with it.’

What makes our contact grill special?

Make your own fast food

Tasty grill recipes

From perfectly grilled meat to surprising croques and pancakes on the plate: the contact grill does it all. Get inspired by these quick and healthy dishes!

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