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Looking for a new pan, but no idea which one to pick? Don’t worry! We’ll help you find the right pan for the job.


Frying pans

No kitchen is complete without a proper frying pan. Our frying pans are incredibly versatile and can be used to prepare anything from meat and potatoes to vegetables or eggs. No wonder many people use theirs almost every day!

TIP: always use pan protectors when storing your frying pans. That way, you won’t damage their non-stick coating when stacking them on top of each other. 

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Fish pans

Love frying up fresh fish? Then you need a good fish pan. Their handy oval shape ensures the heat is evenly distributed, so your entire cut of fish will be fried to perfection!

TIP: a fish pan is also ideal for frying sausages or other oblong cuts of meat, like spareribs. 

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Stir-Frying & Grilling


Whether you want a juicy bit of meat, grilled vegetables, or a grilled fish filet…our grill pans are at your sizzling service! Their forged base creates those trademark grill stripes, resulting in dishes exploding with flavour. 

TIP: Never use oil in your grill pan. Instead, lightly coat the ingredients with oil. Coconut oil or peanut oil are both a great choice.

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Wok pans

Wok pans have become a staple of modern kitchens. They’re an absolute must for anyone who enjoys crispy vegetables and easy single-pan dishes. Stir-frying requires just a minimal amount of fat, as wok dishes take only minutes to prepare. The advantage? All ingredients retain their vitamins and dinner’s ready in no time.

TIP: Not every type of oil is suitable for stir-frying. Coconut oil and peanut oil are a good choice, because they can withstand high temperatures!

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A sauté pan resembles a frying pan, only it has higher walls and a lid. This makes sauté pans ideal for baking and frying as well as stewing. Perfect when you need to prepare thicker cuts of meat, roasts, risotto, casseroles, or other dishes that have to simmer for a while. 

TIP: Always use a lid to retain maximum heat while you’re cooking. This will get you the best, most flavourful results.  

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Don’t like heavy pots? Then you’ll love our casseroles. They’ve got all the benefits of traditional cast-iron casseroles, but their die-cast aluminium makes them up to 50% lighter! Use them for anything from frying meat to preparing casseroles, curries, stews or soup and cooking vegetables, potatoes, pasta and rice

TIP: Die-cast aluminium heats up quickly, so a medium heat suffices for perfect results.  

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Cooking & Baking


An expertly soft-boiled egg, homemade sauces, comforting hot chocolate or creamy porridge. All of this and more is what saucepans are for! They’re also the perfect cookware to stew small servings of vegetables or heat a batch of soup or sauce.  

TIP: For optimal results, fill your saucepan max. three-quarters of the way up. 

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With our pancake pan, you’ll be baking beautiful, crisp, golden pancakes in no time. Flipping pancakes becomes child’s play, thanks to the pan’s ceramic non-stick coating and low walls, which let your pancakes glide smoothly from pan to plate. 

TIP: you can also use this pan to make and turn over delicious omelettes. 

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The right pan for every hob

All our pots and pans have an innovative Magneto™ induction base featuring ferromagnetic particles. Because of this, they all work like a charm on any heat source, including induction. Click here to learn more about different types of hobs.

The right diameter

Regardless of the type of hob you have, always make sure the base of your pot or pan (aka the induction zone) has the same diameter as the hotplate you’ll be using it on.

For example: if a hotplate on your hob measures 18cm across, get a pot or pan with a base that has a diameter of 18cm (= an induction zone of 18cm).

TIP: (Induction) hotplate not heating up straight away? Shift your pot or pan a bit to make sure it connects with the magnetic field of your hotplate.

Double-check the size of each pot or pan’s induction zone to choose the right one.