Omni cooker

One pan, endless possibilities! At the touch of a button, the omnicooker prepares your favourite dishes, while you enjoy some extra free time.

The only pan I need

‘My omni cooker? I use it almost every day. You can cook just about any dish in this pan, which is really handy. I usually choose one of the fixed programmes and let the omni cooker do the work. The ideal time for me to do some rummaging around the house or to curl up on the sofa with a book. The fact that the non-stick coating is also completely PFAS-free is absolutely fantastic. No harmful substances in your kitchen, right?’

What makes our Omni cooker special?

Put your omnicooker to work

Surprise recipes

Don't know where to start with your new omnicooker? Get inspired by our recipe ideas. Fromvol- au-vent to vongole, this 10-in-1 kitchen appliance does it all for you!

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