A passion for innovation

The secret of better cooking

We have a dedicated research and development team that analyses every aspect of our products in order to develop the very latest technologies. In doing so, we elevate our collections to an even higher level. And we have more than 150 patents to prove it.

What’s more, we compare our innovations to other products on the market. This way, we can be sure they make our products better. Want to know more? Let’s show you our most important technologies.

The original ceramic non-stick coating


Non-stick without nasties

In 2007, GreenPan launched its first pans with a Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick coating. It is made from a sand derivative and is PFAS-free. We produce our Thermolon™ non-stick coating in our own factory. This means we know exactly what’s in our pots, pans, baking moulds, and electric kitchen appliances, and can guarantee that our non-stick coating is completely PFAS-free.

We use research, technical know-how and years of experience to continuously perfect our non-stick coating. Our Thermolon™ anti-adhesive coating is now in its ninth generation. It is even better and stronger. We also developed Thermolon™ Volt: a non-stick coating specifically for electric kitchen appliances. It means you can enjoy a fantastic PFAS-free cooking experience, whatever is on the menu!

Stainless steel with unfading beauty



Some stainless steel pans are completely discoloured after a few uses. The discolouration is caused by exposure to heat.

Nicer, better, flawless

We believe you deserve a pan that stays beautiful. Evershine™ was developed to avoid stains from forming on your stainless steel pan. This is an electrochemical surface treatment that is applied to the outside of the pan, helping them to look as good as new for a long time.

A smart base for any cooker


Based on science

Some induction bases warp because they consists of two types of metal. They heat up at different speeds (also called the bimetal effect). Magneto™ is a thick base, where ferromagnetic particles reinforced with copper are sprayed onto the bottom of the pan. As these particles are integrated in the base, there is no need to worry about warping.

Induction technology for every pan

Magneto™ optimises the induction power of every pan. This technology combines excellent induction performance with extra durability. The best of both worlds! Whether you are cooking on gas, induction, or an electric hob, you pan will heat up quickly and evenly. And the results are

A thicker and stronger base

Forged base

Risk of warping

Many pans are made from pressed metal, where a flat sheet of metal is pressed into the shape of a pan. A pan made this way runs the risk of changing shape when heated up. The result: a warped pan that is not stable on your cooker.

Made super strong

If you are looking for durable aluminium pans that you can enjoy for a long time to come, choose pans with a forged base. This technique involves heating the aluminium and beating it into shape.

The thickness of the aluminium can be adjusted during the process. As such, a forged base is thicker, stronger, and creates extra stability. The result: a high-quality pan and the best possible culinary result.

Comfortable cooking

Cool-touch handles

Comfort above all

We’ve all absentmindedly grabbed a hot pan. But don’t worry: Our cool-touch handles are specially designed for extra comfort while cooking.

Keep it cool

We have a range of techniques to avoid your pan’s handle getting hot. Many of our collection are designed with a V-shaped cut-out, which reduces heat transfer to the handle. What’s more, we also use Bakelite, which heats up much more slowly than stainless steel. It means you can grab your pan at any time without wondering whether the handle will be too hot.

Firm grip, seamless design

Countersunk rivets

Sturdy handle

A riveted handle ensures a firm grip. The disadvantage is that food can get stuck around the protruding rivets. We wanted pans with a firm grip and a seamless inner.

Seamless inside

Our countersunk rivets create a smooth, streamlined inner. Thanks to the riveted connection, the handle is firmly secured to your pan without having to deal with food getting stuck around the rivets.

Keep an eye on the food

Glass lids

To watch or not to watch?

You’re cooking and want to know if your food is nearly ready, so you lift the lid off the pan. But no, the food is not cooked yet and now you’ve lost all the heat. It has happened to all of us, and it’s annoying.

Follow the cooking process

That is why we love glass lids. You can cook and follow the cooking process at the same time, without losing heat. Our tempered glass lids are also oven safe up to 220°C, so you can cook however you like.