Steam smarter with Steamy

This insert makes healthy cooking extra easy, with an ingenious design that maximizes the flavours, vitamins and colour of your ingredients. All you need is a 24 cm casserole. Steamed vegetables, fish, rice dishes, dim sum,... The possibilities are endless!


 For a limited time, shop Steamy with €5 off! You will also receive 25% off* if you add a matching (24 cm) Barcelona Evershine or Barcelona Black casserole! The perfect steamy combo, if you ask us.  

* Offer valid from 01/03/2024 until 31/03/2024 

Why you'll love Steamy

Steamed cabbage rolls

Wanna get started with your Steamy? Try this delicious recipe for steamed cabbage rolls! Prepare this lovely light meal at home using savoy cabbage, mushrooms and mince. Complete the picture with a high-quality soy sauce. In our opinion Dutch brand Tomasu makes the best soy sauce!

Discover the recipe