What makes our waffle maker special?

World-class waffles

‘The delicious smell of freshly baked waffles, how wonderful! We often eat them for breakfast on Sundays, as a snack and I also regularly make savoury waffles for lunch. That's a winner with the kids! What do I like about the waffle maker? The fact that you can make so many different kinds of waffles with it. You can even adjust how brown and crispy you want your waffles to be. I haven't seen that anywhere else. The waffle plates are also completely PFAS-free. So I can easily let my waffle iron work at full speed, without releasing any harmful substances.’

PFAS-free kitchen

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Discover more healthy kitchen appliances from GreenPan. Enjoy more options, more flavour and more convenience with our kitchen appliances featuring a PFAS-free non-stick coating.

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