The power of German enamelled steel

Merten & Storck

Merten & Storck has been designing cookware with the exacting precision since 1873. Much of our cookware is still handcrafted in Drensteinfurt, Germany, using special tools that we design and produce ourselves. Our carbon steel products are made from the same raw material as cast iron, but pressed instead of cast, making the final product lighter, stronger and more durable.

For 150 years, Merten & Storck has been dedicated to making the most outstanding products for discerning home cooks.

Outdoor cooking has never been so delicious

M&S Carbon Steel Outdoor Collection

This collection is a must for fans of outdoor cooking! The collection consists of quality pans and grill plates made for an open fire or for the BBQ. Made of durable, pre-seasoned carbon steel that heats up super fast: perfect for roasting and grilling meat, fish or vegetables. The unique perforated design gives ingredients that signature smoky flavour. Enjoy the thrill of outdoor cooking, with the convenience of
indoor cooking!

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This collection is available until 30 June.